Quickly Editing Students Names, Usernames, Passwords and IDs

This article explains how to make some quick edits to one or more student accounts from the Classes page. As a District Administrator, School Administrator or Educator (any role equivalent to a Teacher), you can use the quick editing feature to update (or change) and one or more student's first and last name, username, password, and students' ID numbers. Note that username and password changes won't affect student reporting 

Before you begin:

  • Make sure that if you see Managed by SIS, you check with your district's IT Staff, prior to editing student accounts. 

To quickly edit student names, usernames, passwords or IDs

  1. Open the Classes page.

    Based on your role, the steps differ. 

    • District Administrators -- you'll need to locate the school the students are assigned to before locating the class.
      1. From your dashboard (Home page), locate the Quick Links block.


      2. Click View Schools to open the Schools page.


      3. Under Actions for the specific school, click Classes.

      Alternately, you can select Management > Schools from the navigation pane, locate the school and click Classes under the Actions column. 

    • School Administrators and Educators -- you'll only need to locate the class.
      1. From the navigation pane click Management > Classrooms

    The Classes page opens. The image below is an example of the Classes page a district or school administrator would see. Educators only see the classes they are assigned to.


  2. Locate the class and click Quick Edit Students.

    The Students in Class: [class name] page opens.


    This page displays the list of all students in the selected class.

  3. To edit a student's information, click the cell to open it for editing. 
  4. Double-click on the current setting, type your change and click OK