Adding existing students step-by-step

This article explains how you can add existing students to a class using the Step-by-Step method, which allows District Administrators, School Administrators and Educators to add one or more students to a single class at a time. For schools that have both Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts, you can add students to a class and assign them to both products at the same time. 

With the step-by-step method, you'll enter each existing student's Student Information Number (SIN), sometimes referred to as Student ID number. After searching on that information, you'll get to review the list of students who match those SINs and decide if you want to add some or all of them to the class. Knowing the students' names will help you verify that you entered the correct student SINs. From the results, you'll select the students to add, add them, and then confirm.

Before you add students, you'll need to know the required information to successfully add each student, which is their Student Information Number (SIN). Though it is also good to know the students' first and last names so that you can verify that information against the names that result from the search. 

Student usernames and Student Identification Numbers are not district-specific, therefore, both must be unique to each student in the Imagine Math system. If you are receiving the error message Username has already been taken, it means that the username is already in use through the Imagine Math system;  a different username is required for the student. If attempting to use a student's ID as their username, and the ID is already in use in Imagine Math, the ID cannot be used without altering it. For example, you can use another piece of information with the ID number such as, the student's first and last initials or the school abbreviations. These additions will help make your student's username unique. 


When you find a Managed by SIS message next to accounts or classes, it means your district uses a Student Information System integration tool to manage student, teacher, classroom, and administrator accounts within your district. To add or update student account information, you'll need to first contact your district's IT Staff to complete certain actions.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure that if you see Managed by SIS, you check with your district's IT Staff, prior to adding students. 
  • Review the Adding students article, to determine if this is the method you want to use for adding your students. 
  • If you are an Educator, make sure that the class you want to add students to has already been created. If you are a District Administrator or School Administrator, you can add a new class when you add new students.
  • If you are an Educator who is not yet assigned to a class, you'll need to create a class before adding students. If you are a District Administrator or School Administrator, you can add a new class when you add new students.
  • Make sure you have this required information to add each student: first name, last name, Student Information Number (SIN) or Student ID, and grade level.

To add existing students step-by-step

  1. In the Quick Links section of your dashboard, click Import Students.


    If adding students from the Classes page (Management > Classroom), skip this step.

    School Administrators and Teachers ONLY -- Alternately, you can click Management > Students in the navigation pane, then click Add Students, as shown below.


    The Students page (shown above) displays all the currently active students in the district, school or class, depending on whether you are logged in as a district administrator, school administrator or educator. The image above is from a teacher's class that already has some students assigned to it. 

  2. Under Go Step-by-Step, click Get Started.


    The page that opens next, depends on your role, and also if you selected to add students from the Classes page (Management > Classroom) as opposed to the Students page (Management > Students, or Import Students).

    If adding students from the Classes page (Management > Classroom), skip to step 5.

    District Administrators ONLY -- A School Information page opens that displays all the schools in your district, and allows you to select the school in which the class you are adding students to is located.

  3. If you are a District Administrator, click the school name. 
    If there is only one school in your district, this page will not appear.


  4. Click the class that you want to add students to. 

    If the class you want to add students to is not on the Active Classes list, it either doesn't exist, or it has been deactivated (set to Inactive).

    • If the class doesn't exist, click Add a Classroom, enter a name for the class, then click Save.
    • If the class is deactivated, first activate the class and then return to these steps after activating the class. 


    ** All steps from this point forward apply to all roles (District Administrator, School Administrator and Educator).  For those who have both Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts products, settings for both will appear and can be applied at the same time to a student, without having to switch between the products. 

  5. Click Add Existing Students.


  6. Enter the Student Information Number (SIN) for each student, separated by a comma. Example: 12345,12346,12347,12348
  7. Click Search.


    Some plug-ins (such as Grammarly) have been known to interfere with the use of the Search feature. Therefore if you have an issue, disable the plug-in while using the Search feature. Go back one step, disable the plug-in and then continue on to use Search. 

    A page displays with the results from the search on the SINs.

  8. Select the students you want to add. then click Add Selected Students.
    • To select ALL students, check the top check box. 
    • To select any one or more students, check each student's check box. 


    A page opens for you to review the students you have selected, prior to confirming.

  9. Verify that the selected students are those you want to add, then click Confirm Changes.

    If you see anything you need to change, click Edit Students to revisit previous pages.


    Once confirmed, a Success! page opens.


    This page indicates the successful completion of adding students, and provides you with several other options for what you would like to do next.