Removing inactive student accounts

As a District Administrator, School Administrator or Teacher, you can permanently remove a student's account from your school, though doing so also removes performance and usage data associated with the account. While this lose of data may not be critical for PreK-2 students, or relative to Grade 3+ student's who have never logged in or completed an item, it could be crucial for Grade 3+ students who have logged in and completed work. For this reason, Grade 3+ student accounts cannot be removed if the students have logged in or completed an item. Instead, these students' accounts can be deactivated, which automatically preserves performance and usage data, should the accounts ever need to be reactivated. PreK-2 student accounts, on the other hand, can be removed regardless of whether or not the students have logged in or completed work. It is important to understand though, that if a student has logged in or completed an item, that student's associated performance and usage data will be removed when you remove their account - it will not be preserved. In addition, once an account has been removed, the action is permanent, and cannot be reversed.  

District Administrators can remove any student from any school, while School Administrators can remove student's from only their school, and Teachers, from only from their class(es). 


Removing a student's account also removes all performance and usage data for that student.
Removal is a permanent action that cannot be reversed.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure the students(s) you need to delete have never logged in, or are no longer attending a school in your district.
  • If you simply need to move a student to another class, teacher or school, as opposed to removing their account, please see Moving students between classes, teachers and schools.
  • If this is the only class the student is assigned to, there is no option for deleting the student's account. In such an instance, you can deactivate their account, and it will remove their account from the school. 

To delete one or more inactive students from a class

  1. District Administrator -- Click Management > Schools in the navigation pane, find your school, then click Classes under the Actions column.

    School Administrator or Educator -- Click Management > Classrooms in the navigation pane.

    The Classes page opens. The image below is an example of the Classes page a district or school administrator would see. Educators (all roles equivalent to teachers) only see the classes they are assigned to.


  2. Locate the class and click Current Students, to open the Class Roster page.


  3. Click Inactive, to open the Inactive Students page.


  4. Check the box next to each student to be deleted.
  5. Click Delete Students.

    You are asked to confirm the deletion.


  6. Click Delete Students.

    A completion page opens displaying the number of students deleted.


  7. Click Close.

    The Class Roster Inactive page reopens, displaying only those students who have not been deleted.