Adding Students Using a CSV File


Should you find a Managed by SIS message next to accounts or classes, it means your district uses a Student Information System integration tool to manage student, teacher, classroom, and administrator accounts within your district. To add or update student account information, you'll need to first contact your district's IT Staff to complete certain actions.

This article explains how you can add new students and classes using the CSV file method, which allows District Administrators, School Administrators and Educators to add multiple students at once, to a single class or different classes. Though this method can also be used to add one or a few students to a single class, you may find the Step-by-Step method easier to use for that purpose. Using the CSV file method, you'll need to select the import type (Student and Classroom), locate the CSV file you have created, upload that CSV file and confirm the upload. 

The CSV upload file can be created from a template, downloadable from the Upload File page, as you walk through the Add Students process. The CSV file can be opened and edited using a spreadsheet application such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, or any text editor (like Notepad). Specifications for the CSV file format can be found in the Student and Teacher Import: File Specifications PDF. 

Before you begin:

  • Make sure that if you see Managed by SIS, you check with your district's IT Staff, prior to adding students. 
  • Review the Adding Students article, to determine if this is the method you want to use for adding your students. 
  • Download (or print) the Student and Teacher Import: File Specifications PDF file to use as your guide in entering student information into the CSV file. 

To add students by uploading a CSV file

  1. In the navigation pane, click Management > Students.

    If adding students from the Classes page (Management > Classroom), skip this step. Go to step 3.

    The Students page opens.


    This page displays all the currently active students in the district, school or class, depending on whether you are logged in as a district administrator, school administrator or educator. The image above is from a teacher's class that already has some students assigned to it. 

  2. Click Add Students.

    The Let's Get Started page opens.


  3. Under Upload a CSV, click Get Started.

    The page that opens next, depends on your role.

    District Administrators ONLY -- The Getting Started page opens.


    1. Select the school that you are importing students to. 
    2. Select the Add Students and Classrooms import type. 
    3. Click Next and then go to step 4.

    School Administrators ONLY -- The Getting Started page opens.


    1. Select the Add Students and Classrooms import type. 
    2. Click Next and then go to step 4.

    Educators ONLY -- The Getting Started page opens.


    1. Click Next.

    The Upload File page opens.

    The remaining steps apply to all roles (district administrator, school administrator and educator).


  4. Click Select File, locate and select the CSV file.
    Alternatively, you can drag and drop your CSV file into the Select File box. 

    The file is added to the Select File box.

  5. Click Next to check import.

    A Confirm page opens allowing you to review the students and classes that will be added. The page lists all the student information that will be added. Should you see any errors, you can either fix them in the CSV file and then upload the edited file, or just continue. If you continue, only the students whose information had no errors will be added. 

  6. On the Confirm page, click Next to continue, or Previous to return to the Upload File page where you can upload the CSV file again, after fixing any issues with the file. 

    The Complete page opens. 


    The complete page displays a summary of the add, and offers the option to start a new import, upload another CSV file or return to your dashboard.

For more information, see Adding Students.