Classroom account management


Class accounts can be managed manually or with the use of a Student Information System (SIS) integration tool. Though manual management can be used in conjunction with a SIS, some tasks should only be done by your district's IT Staff. Tasks requiring district IT staff intervention are determined by the SIS tool being used and the tasks it performs.

This article will help you understand what classroom account management is and what tasks it helps you accomplish.

Classroom account management helps District Administrators, School Administrators and Educators to manage the physical aspects of a class such as, its name and active status, the viewing, adding and editing of student accounts in the class and printing and saving start cards for all students in the class. Additionally, you can set specific restrictions for Grade 3+ students in the class such as, enabling or disabling the use of the built-in calculator, the management of pathway enrollments by Imagine Math and enabling or disabling of sound effects in Imagine Math while students are working on math lessons. District Administrators and School Administrators also have the ability to manage class teacher assignments. Each of these features are further described below under Key points. Steps can be found in the related linked articles. 

Key points:

Class Account Management Tasks

  • The initial setup of a class, is done using the Classroom management feature. It is a simple task requiring that you only enter a name and determine whether you want the class to have an active status. While there are additional settings for Grade 3+ classes that you can also set at this time, you aren't required to do so (for more information, see Creating a class).
  • Editing the settings for an existing class is done through Classroom management. You can change the class name, active status, and if a Grade 3+ class, you can also set or change the additional settings provided for those classes (for more information , see Editing a class name).
  • The ability to change the active or inactive status of a class is also accomplished through Classroom management. You have the option to activate the class so students can log into it, or deactivate it if for example, not enough students were signed up and the class has been removed (for more information, see Activating or deactivating a class).
  • For Grade 3+ classes, there are additional options such as, enabling or disabling the built-in calculator, allowing pathway enrollments by Imagine Math and enabling sound effects during class lessons that can be set through Classroom management (for more information, see Editing settings for a Grade 3+ class).
  • For Grade 3+ classes, you also have the option to restrict avatar access and accessories purchases during specific days and times, through Classroom management. Setting a restriction that coincides with the class time would prevent students from spending class time on these activities (for more information, see Restricting avatar and accessory purchases (Grade 3+ only).
  • Before students can log into a class, they need credentials to sign into Imagine Math. These credentials can be printed and handed out to the students using the Print Start Cards feature (for more information, see Printing and saving student start cards ).

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