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When you find the message Managed by SIS next to accounts or classes, this means your district uses a Student Information System integration tool to manage student, teacher, classroom, and administrator accounts within your district. In order to update information for these accounts, you will need to contact your district's IT Staff to complete certain actions, as they own those specific rights.

Adding students to classes can be done by a District Administrator, School Administrator or Educator (any role equivalent to teacher), using one of three methods. The first is a step-by-step method that allows you to add each new student's information into the application, one student per row, for a single class. This method is best to use when you have only a few new students to add to only one class, as it walks you through each step, making the process easy. The second method is to upload a comma separated value (CSV) file containing all of the information for all new students you are adding. This second method is best to use when you have many new students to add to one or more classes, as it can be less time consuming, providing you are comfortable with manually editing a CSV file. Using a CSV file is also best if you have different classes you need to add new students to. The third method is used only for adding existing students to a class. Like the first method, it walks you through the process one step at a time. Regardless of the method, the information you'll need is basically the same for new students though it differs slightly for existing students. More information about these methods can be found below. 

When adding new students using either the step-by-step or CSV file method, you'll need to know their name (last and first), Student Information Number (SIN), and grade. You'll have the option of setting a login username and password for each student, or letting the application create them in the Step-by-Step method. You'll also have the opportunity to select whether a student needs an Individualized Education Program (IEP), whether they are an English Language Learner (ELL), and their support language preference.
In a Grade 3+ class, the support language setting allows the student to access Spanish audio throughout the program, while in a PreK-2 class, the entire application is translated into Spanish for the student. Grade 3+ students also have a setting for glossary audio support language that you can select. With the CSV method, you will provide the same required information and will have the option to add the additional information as well, though you'll add all of it through the CSV file. Regardless of which method you use, the additional demographic information can always be  added later, by editing each student individually. 

When adding existing students, you can only use the step-by-step method for existing students, and you'll need to know each student's Student Information Number (SIN). You may also find it useful to  know each student's first and last name, so that you can verify that information against the names that result from the search.    

Can I add students for the next school year prior to the yearly reset  date?

We don't recommend adding next year's students until your district has determined the Yearly Reset date, as all student & classroom data is removed on that date. Any students added before the rollover date will be lost and your hard work will go to waste! 

Should you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at or Chat Live through the Chat bubble!

Key points:

  • Add new students to a class step-by-step -- allows you to add one or more new students to a class. When using the Step-by-Step method, you are walked through each step of the process; adding each student's name, student information number (SIN), and their grade. There are additional language options you can also opt to select while adding the students, or ignore and enter later on a student by student basis (for more information, see Adding new students step-by-step).
  • Add new students to a class using a CSV file -- allows you to add multiple new student to multiple classes. When using a CSV file method, you first create the file from a template provided by Imagine Learning. After entering the required student information along with whatever other options you want for each student, you then upload the file. When the upload finishes successfully, you can view and edit the newly added student accounts on the Student Roster (for more information, see Adding students using a CSV file).
  • Add existing students to a class step-by-step -- allows you to add one or more existing students to a class. When using the Step-by-Step method for adding existing students, you'll simply need to enter each student's SIN (or Student ID) and then you'll be walked through the rest of the process for the language options, should you want to make adjustments to that existing information (for more information, see Adding existing students step-by-step).

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