Editing Additional Class Settings for Grade 3+ Students

This article explains how you can change one or more of the additional class settings that apply to only Grade 3+ students. As a District Administrator, School Administrator or Educator, you can enable or disable the use of the built-in calculator, the use of Imagine Math to handle pathway enrollments and the use of Imagine Math sound effects while Grade 3+ students are working on math lessons. By default, these settings are automatically selected when you create a new class, though they can be changed at any time. As a District Administrator or School Administrator you have an additional feature that lets you assign and unassign teachers for the class.  

To change one or more class settings for Grade 3+ students

  1. If you're a District Administrator, click Management > Schools in the navigation pane, find your school, then click Classes under the Actions column.

    If you're a School Administrator or Educator, click Management > Classrooms in the navigation pane.

    The Classes page opens.


  2. Locate the class and click Edit Classroom.

    The Editing [current classroom name] page opens.


    The additional settings are found directly under the school name, as shown in the image above. The following table provides additional details about each setting.

    Setting Description
    Allow students in this class to use the built-in calculator?

    Allows students to use the application's calculator. 

    Note that when disabled, the calculator is  available for some Placement Tests and Benchmark assessment items where it has been deemed necessary by our partner,  MetaMetrics.

    Allow Imagine math to manage pathway enrollments? Instructs the app to manage pathway enrollments. When selected, the first time a student enters the classroom, the application checks whether their default grade level pathway has been assigned; if not, the pathway is automatically assigned to the student. When not selected, the application does not check nor assign the default grade level pathway. 
    Enable sound effects while students are doing math?

    Allows the use of Imagine Math sound effects during math practice sessions. 

  3. Check the box above each setting that you want to apply.
  4. District and School Administrators only. To change teachers in the class:
    • Add a teacher -- either click their mceclip0.png (green plus sign), or drag their block from Available Teachers to Selected Teachers. 
    • Remove a teacher -- either click their mceclip1.png (red x sign), or drag their block from Selected Teachers to Available Teachers.  
  5. Click Save.

    Your changes are saved and you are returned to the Classes page.

For more information, see Creating a Class and Assigning and Unassigning Teachers and Classes.