Editing a class name

As a District Administrator, School Administrator or Educator (any role equivalent to a teacher role), you can change the name of a class whenever necessary, without affecting other class settings or reports. For example, if you need to change a class name in order to stay in compliance with STEM guideline changes, you can do so without  affecting benchmarks, student progress, or other reports information. 


When Managed by SIS is found next to accounts or classes, it means your district uses a Student Information System (SIS) integration tool to manage school administrator, educator, class and student accounts within your district. In order to update information for these accounts, you need to contact your district's IT Staff to complete certain actions, as they own those specific rights.

Before you begin:

  • Determine the new name for the class.
  • If the name change is due to a program change, make sure that only students to whom the new program applies, are assigned to the class. Students to whom the program does not apply should be reassigned or removed from the class. 

To change the name of a classroom

  1. If you are a District Administrator, click Management > Schools from the navigation pane, find your school, then click Classes under the Actions column.


    If you're a School Administrator or Educator, click Management > Classrooms from the navigation pane.

  2. Locate the class you need to rename and click Edit Classroom.


  3. Highlight the current Name of your class and type the new name over it.


  4. Click Save.

    You are returned to the Classes page where the new name is reflected in the class block, as shown in the example below.