How can I tell if a student is taking a benchmark in Imagine Math Prek-2?

From the Student's Account

Unlike normal activities that a student works through after a student completes an activity that is part of a Benchmark, they will move straight on to the next question. The program will not tell the student 'Good job' or present the 'thumbs-up' image, or ask them to try again.

Note: If the student is NOT in the benchmark, the program will give them feedback like 'let's try that again', 'Good job', etc.


From the Teacher's Account

We can also check the Benchmark Roster to see if a student is currently "In Progress":

1. Click Management

2. Select Benchmark Roster


3. Search for the student in the top right.


We can tell if a student is currently taking the Benchmark if we see the label "In Progress" to the right of their name.

Note: Benchmark scoring and results can take up to 3 hours to process.



Note regarding the above table: The time that it takes for a student to finish the benchmark will depend on their grade level and percentile rank: