Viewing the Student Progress Report


To view an explanation of the symbols found to the left of the Lesson name, click on the Legend in the top right corner of the Progress Report.


After the button is clicked, the following legend will pop up in the middle of the screen.


Prerequisite Lessons

Prerequisite lessons in PreK-2 are defined as lessons that are automatically inserted throughout a student's sequence/pathway due to their performance on the Benchmark. Targeted review lessons are not Prerequisite lessons. Prerequisite lessons in the PreK-2 environment are closely related to Benchmark remediation lessons in the Grades 3+ environment.

Lesson Titles

If you click on mceclip2.png next to the name of a lesson, it will pull up a list of the the different activities within that lesson.

The titles have the following format: [Grade Level] [Lesson Number] [Activity Number] [Exercise Number]

For example:

From the title G1-039-3-e1 we know the teaching in question is from Grade 1, Lesson 39, Activity 3, and Exercise 1.