How do I know what tests have been scheduled so I know what tests to monitor in the Test Monitoring page?

It can be tricky to keep track of which Class took which Test in Which library. To help track all that data down, use the following steps:

Note: This is available to District-level and School-level users.

1. Hover over Reports, then over Monitoring, and select Testing Activity


2. Select the appropriate school, or select [All Schools]

3. Leave the Grade filter set at [No student grade level filter]

4. Select the desired date range

5. Click the radio button for All Tests


6. Click Run Report (this can take a minute to load)

  • This will give you a list of tests that have been scheduled for your school(s) and what Library they are in

7. Clicking on the test ( on the Left Column) will open what classes have taken that test.


Once you know what tests and Libraries are in use, you can use the Test Monitoring page and filter it according to the tests/libraries that you found.