Easy Benchmark Scheduler Guide FAQs


Accessing the Easy Benchmark Scheduler

  • Teachers and administrators access the Benchmark Scheduler by clicking the Benchmark Scheduler link in the Quick Start section of the Language & Literacy Dashboard
    • This will be accessible in the Quick Start section of the Imagine Reading Dashboard in a future release
  • The Easy Benchmark Scheduler is accessible to customers using Galileo as their assessment provider


What tests can be scheduled using the Easy Benchmark Scheduler?

  • The Galileo ELA Benchmarks with placement capabilities for Imagine Language & Literacy can be scheduled using this tool
  • Practice tests can also be optionally scheduled using this tool. By default, the checkbox for scheduling practice tests is checked, but the user may choose to un-check it.
  • Galileo Math, Science, and Spanish tests cannot be scheduled using this tool

What tests are scheduled? Which students will have access to the tests?

The Benchmark Scheduler will automatically select either the Beginning of Year Benchmark (BOY), Middle of Year Benchmark (MOY) or End of Year Benchmark (EOY) depending on the current date.

  • BOY will be selected from 7/1-10/31
  • MOY will be selected from 11/1-3/1
  • EOY will be selected from 3/2-6/30

What are the defaults for the schedules created by the Easy Benchmark Scheduler?

  • Test are scheduled to be open for one month starting the day the tool is accessed; however, the date range can be customized within the tool.
  • Tests are scheduled to be available Monday through Friday from 7AM to 4PM local time.
  • Scores can be viewed by students in the Student Center on the day following the end date of the test schedule.
  • Tests will be scheduled with no password and no optional testing tools (such as dictionary, text-to-speech, etc.)

Submit a test for Students who Have Not Logged In

  • In the Test Monitoring Report, educators can now submit a test for all students including students who have not yet logged in or accessed the test.
  • Educators will only be able to submit a test that matches the student's grade level. For more information on the implications of submitting a blank test see Submitting Blank Tests in Galileo Integrated with Language & Literacy
  • This change supports educators in exempting certain types of English learners from the Galileo BOY Benchmark as consistent with state testing policy in some states.

Prevent Students from Taking an Out-of-Grade-Level Galileo ELA Benchmark

  • If an out-of-grade level test is scheduled for a student, this test is shown in the Student Center Test List and Calendar view but it is greyed out and cannot be accessed by the student.


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