Scheduling the Galileo ELA using the Easy Benchmark Scheduler

1. Click Benchmark Scheduler in the Quick Start menu.


2. The Benchmark Scheduler will automatically select either the Beginning of Year Benchmark (BOY), Middle of Year Benchmark (MOY) or End of Year Benchmark (EOY) depending on the current date.

  • BOY will be selected from 7/1-10/31
  • MOY will be selected from 11/1-3/1
  • EOY will be selected from 3/2-6/30

3. Use the link to the Calendar to verify that the benchmarks have not already been scheduled. If the benchmarks have already been scheduled, no further action is needed.


4. Select the start and end dates for the benchmark. The default is to start on the current day and end one month later, but the length can be customized.


5. Choose whether or not to schedule a practice test for the same time window. (This is highly recommended! The practice test will give the students a chance to get used to the feel of Galileo tests before diving into their benchmark.)


6. You will then be informed of how many classes the test has been scheduled for (it will automatically select all classes assigned to you), the time during each day that the test will be available, and the date upon which scores will be available.


7. You can then either select Customize to be taken to the bulk scheduler and view additional options, or select Schedule if you are finished.