What Power-ups Are Available in Math Facts?

Students earn Power-ups in multiplication and division as they pass each of the main levels.

Assuming the student does not skip any levels via the pretest they will earn them in this order:

Dungeon/Palace = Speed: this allows the avatar to run faster

Machine = Force Field: prevents the avatar from taking damage for a limited amount of time

Lava = Teleport: skips the avatar to the next creature.

Ruins = Invisibility: makes the avatar invisible for a limited amount of time


If the student skips any levels via the pretest, they will earn all the skipped power-ups the next time they pass a level. For example: If the student skips the Dungeon and Machine levels, they will earn Speed, Force Field, and Teleport when they beat the Lava level.


Power-ups that have been earned can be activated in the following ways:

Speed: press ‘S’ or Left-Shift while moving forward.

Force Field = activates automatically when the avatar takes any damage (falling into lava).

Teleport = press “T”.

Invisibility = Press “I”.