Using playlists

Educators can create playlists of activities for students to practice or for activities they want to show during whole-class or small-group instruction. A playlist is a group of activities that you can assign to a student, or group of students, to play through. Administrators and Educators can create playlists for students or groups that are assigned to them. They can also search for activities to add to a playlist using the Activity Explorer.

Students can only be assigned one playlist at a time. Assigning an additional playlist before the student begins working on the first will overwrite the previous playlist assignment. Once a playlist is assigned, the playlist cannot be edited.

After a playlist has been assigned to a student, they will begin working on it as soon as they finish their current activity. Playlists can contain a maximum of 12 activities. After completing the 12th activity students return to their normal activity sequence. 

Students may be assigned up to 12 playlist activities within any 7-day period.

When a playlist is completed, a new playlist may be assigned, but the student may be eligible for fewer activities depending on when the previous playlist was completed

Reporting Data for Playlists

Teachers can view when a playlist is assigned, in progress, or completed in the Playlist Manager. When a student is playing through an assigned playlist, usage data is counted. While scoring data is not displayed for activities played in a playlist, student artifacts such as recordings and written responses are available for teachers to view in the Portfolio.

Users can print the Usage report using the print button.

Playlist FAQs

Are there limitations to the playlist?

  • There is no limit to the number of playlists a teacher may create. However, students may only be assigned one playlist at a time with a maximum of twelve activities per playlist. For now, playlists cannot be shared between teachers but we do know this is a feature customers want.
  • If students are assigned to a playlist or have completed a playlist, the playlist can no longer be edited nor deleted.

Are all browsers supported with the new Activity Explorer?

  • The new Activity Explorer is only compatible with Chrome and is not yet available to mobile users.

If I launch an activity from the Action Areas Tool will it now launch in

  • No, Action Areas Tool will stay the same and for now will remain independent from the Activity Explorer/Playlist. In the future, we plan to provide a seamless and integrated intervention experience.

Are any curriculum areas missing?

  • Currently there are three curriculum areas that still need to be added: Academic Vocabulary, Decodable Words, and Reading Vocabulary.

Does Imagine EspaƱol have access to the new Activity Explorer and Playlist?

  • No, currently Activity Explorer/Playlist is only available for Imagine Language & Literacy though we are  continuously looking to provide similar features across products.

Can a student be assigned the same Playlist more than once?

  • Yes they can.