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Reward locations

Once a student completes a lesson, options for the Music Hall, Fair, Treasure Island, and Information Center will become available on the map. They can access each location once, after which the location will be greyed out and become inaccessible until they complete their next lesson.

Though a student can't re-enter a reward location until they complete their next lesson, once they are in a reward location they can stay there indefinitely. The reward locations contain educational content, it is simply presented in a different way than it is during their normal lessons.

Once the student starts their next lesson, even if they didn't visit any of the other locations on the map, all additional locations will be locked down until the lesson is completed.


The time spent in these additional locations is not factored into Usage Time/Math Time that appears in the usage report.

Music Hall

Top left corner

Many lessons in Imagine Math PreK-2 include educational songs. At the Music Hall, students can watch these songs on demand.

Information Center

Top right corner

At the Information Center, students can learn more about Ruby, Oliver, and the other Imagine Math PreK-2 characters, as well as review the Introductory Lesson.

Treasure Island

Bottom middle

This reward location shows all the tokens a student has earned. A student can also click missing tokens to try and earn them.

Note: This is the equivalent of the Targeted Review that's available for students at the end of a lesson.


Bottom left corner

The Fair lets students visit the Circus where they can play games that build fluency with number composition, addition, and subtraction within 10.

All PK-1 students who have taken the pretest will have access to these games after reaching PK-Lesson 54 with the exception of Ra Ra Raccoons! which unlocks at PK-Lesson 76 and Sneaky Snake at K-Lesson 13.

Game Description
Clunky Monkey

This game focuses on number compositions and finding the unknown addend.

Click the Chicken

This game focuses on number compositions and finding the unknown addend.


This game explores addition by adding balls to a scale to create an expression equal to the sum.

Hippo Hop

This game focuses on finding the missing addend by filling in the missing number on the number house.

Lion Leap

This game focuses on selecting the correct expression that corresponds to the value on the lion.

Ra Ra Racoons!

This game features finding the correct number missing from the equation. As the student progresses, later levels include both addition and subtraction unknowns. This game also features a competition where students must get more answers correct than the other raccoon to win the game of tug-of-war.

Sneaky Snake

In this game the student highlights different expressions of a value by creating a path for the snake back to the snake charmer.