Taking the Beginning-of-Year Benchmark Test for Imagine Math PreK-2


The first time students log in to Imagine Math PreK-2, they will take the Beginning-of-Year Benchmark Test. The test is automatically administered to students when they log in. There is no need to assign or schedule the test. The Beginning-of Year Benchmark Test is divided into 3 subtests.

When students take the Benchmark Test, they will:

  1. Work through an intro lesson.
  2. Work through the first lesson in their pathway.
  3. Work through the Benchmark Assessment.

The Benchmark Test is adaptive. Students begin at different points, depending upon assigned items, which may be pulled from previous or subsequent grades, based on their performance for their grade level items.  

There are 145 questions available on the test in total, covering PreK to Grade 2. Each student receives a portion of the questions available.