Adding a staff account

Staff are individuals who use the Imagine Learning portal to manage students, start sessions, and administer Imagine Language & Literacy. They can be administrators, teachers, interventionists, coordinators, or other student advocates. Each user needs an individual staff account in order to access the Imagine Learning portal and interact with Imagine Language & Literacy. Depending on the role assigned to your staff account, you can perform different tasks in the Imagine Learning portal.

If you are an Administrator, you can create new staff accounts. You can create new staff accounts individually with Administrator or Teacher permissions, or you can create multiple staff accounts with Teacher permissions by importing roster data.


    1. On the Dashboard, click Manage Staff under the Manage heading.

    1. Click Add.

    1. Enter this information for the new staff account:
      Field Description
      First Name Enter the staff member's first name.
      Last Name Enter the staff member's last name.
      Account Type

      Choose the account type for this staff account. The account type determines which features a staff member can use in the Imagine Learning portal. Choose one of these account types:

      • Administrator: This account type allows you to create and manage organizations and groups, as well as manage all student and staff accounts. If you are an Administrator, you can change your role at any time.
      • Teacher: This account type allows you to see only your groups and student accounts. Teachers do not have permissions to create or manage organizations or other staff accounts.
      Username (Email) Enter the email address that the staff member will use to log in to the Imagine Learning portal.
      Organizations Choose the organization(s) that the staff account is associated with from the drop-down list. Click the X by the organization name to remove the staff member from this organization.
      Groups Choose the group(s) that this staff account is associated with from the drop-down list. Click the Xby the group name to remove the staff member from this group.
    2. If you are creating multiple staff accounts, click Add Another Staff Member.

  1. When you are finished creating staff accounts, click Save Staff.