Troubleshooting Guide - Imagine Math Pre-K-2

If ​your students​ see this error screen:

1. Clicking on the big Next arrow reloads​ the page. If the error persists, the student will see the same error screen as before. Otherwise, the student will return to where they were when the error occurred.

2. With a persistent error, the student should alert the teacher​, who can click on the “Troubleshooting Tips” link.

3. A pop-up will display a list of troubleshooting suggestions:
○ Check the internet connection.
○ Close and reopen the program.
○ Restart the device.

4. If none of these suggestions resolve the issue, please contact or call 866-457-8776

If ​you​ see this error screen:

1. Clicking on the blue arrow reloads​ the page.

2.  If reloading doesn’t help, Blueprint will offer troubleshooting suggestions and a link to the Support Team for more assistance.