Assigning product access to students

To enable product access, you must assign your students to a group and then assign them to Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español.

To assign product access to your students

  1. Choose Manage Students under the Manage section of the right-hand navigation pane.


  2. Find the students that you want to assign product access to by:
    1. Searching for student names in the Search box.
    2. Filtering student names by clicking Add Filter and choosing how you want to filter results. (To remove a filter, click the X in the filter tag.)


  3. Choose the students that you want to assign products to by clicking the checkbox next to their name, then clicking Assign Product Access.Assinging_Product_Ac1.PNG
  4. For each student, click the checkbox to the under of name of the product that you want to assign to them. Assign_Product_Ac2.PNG
  5. Choose Next.
  6. Set the session time and support language for each student. By default, the session time is 20 minutes and the support language is English.Assign_Product_Ac3.PNG
  7. Choose Save.

    The Product Assignment Summary screen confirms the changes you've made.Assign_Product_Ac4.PNG

  8. Choose Done.