Creating a group

Groups allow you to more easily group and track student performance and usage. Each student should be assigned to at least one group. You can create new groups to represent a specific grade, class, or other organizational parameter. You can create as many groups as you need. Groups can be large or small. Each group must have its own unique name. Creating a group is a different process for Administrators and Instructors, so depending on your role, you'll follow different instructions for creating a group.

After you create a new group, you can assign specific students to a group and enable product access for a group, if necessary.


1. On the Dashboard, click Manage Groups under the Manage heading.

2. Click the Add button below Manage Groups.


4. Enter information for the new group:

Field Description
Name Specifies the name of the group.


Specifies the school that this group is assigned to.
Staff Specifies the teacher that this group is assigned to.

Note: Only users assigned to multiple schools will be able to change the school of the group; only Administrators will be able to change the staff assigned to a group.

5. If you are creating multiple groups, click Add Another Group and enter the information for additional groups.

6. When you have finished entering data for new groups, click Save Groups. You'll see the new groups listed in the Groups tab:

7. Assign students to the new group(s) and, if necessary, enable product access for students in those groups.