Editing Student Test Settings (Native/Legacy Customers)

NOTE: Students have 28 calendar days to complete the assessment once they begin. After the 28 day window, the test will be marked as Expired and cannot be retaken.

See also: Benchmark FAQs and When are students eligible for Benchmark or Lexile Assessments

  1. On the Dashboard, browse to the organization (district, school, etc.) that you want to edit.
  2. Click the Settings Quick Edit button in the upper right-hand corner and choose Student Testing.

  1. Choose the assessment from the drop-down that you want to enable/disable for an organization.
  2. Choose the organizations that you want to enable/disable the assessment for.
  3. Click Enable or Disable to enable/disable the assessment for the organizations you selected.

  1. When prompted, click Update Setting to confirm that you want to change the student test setting for this organization.

7.When you have finished updating student test settings, click Close.