Ninja Mode

Ninja Mode

Ninja Mode Overview

Ninja mode is an option for fast finishers that lets them replay the game at even more difficult levels (i.e. faster required response time). There are three progressing levels of difficulty within Ninja Mode: Ninja Apprentice, Ninja, and Ninja Master. Ninja Mode is very challenging, and is just for fun after students have shown proficiency on their Post-Test.

Unlocking Ninja Mode

Ninja Mode in Addition and Subtraction will automatically become available once a student has passed both operations with at least 95% fact fluency. Note: If they pass one and not the other, Ninja Mode still won't be available for either operation until they both have been passed.

Ninja Mode will become available for multiplication and division once a student has achieved at least 95% fact fluency in all four operations. 

Until Ninja Mode is unlocked, students will see a grayed-out Ninja Button with a pop-up explanation if they try to access it.

Viewing Certificate after unlocking Ninja Mode

If they want to view their previous certificate, they can just hit the Close button.