Understanding notifications in Imagine Robotify

Both students and educators receive notifications in Imagine Robotify. A notification is an alert that certain actions have occurred in the program. You can tell when you have a notification because the bell icon in the top right corner of your screen has a red indicator.

Click on the bell to open and read your notification(s). After you've read them, the red dot goes away until a new notification is received.

The following action triggers a notification for students:

  • They've been added to a competition.

The following events cause a notification to appear for educators:

  • A student completes an assignment
  • A usage report you kicked off in the program is now ready to view/download. This is especially helpful when you are downloading a large file that take a few minutes to process, so you know when it is done processing without having to check on it.

Custom notifications can also be deployed by Imagine Learning employees to students, educators, or both. An example might be to let you know of an upcoming contest.