Locking/unlocking challenges in Imagine Robotify

By default, Imagine Robotify requires students to complete each challenge correctly and in a prescribed order before moving on to the next challenge. However, as a Teacher or Administrator, you have the ability to change a student's progress so that the program skips challenges entirely or unlock challenges so that students can move on to the next challenge even when their solution attempts are incorrect.

All challenges in a lesson can be unlocked simultaneously or you can select individual challenges to unlock.  

The differences between changing progress and unlocking challenges are described in the table below.

Action Definition Conditions More Information
Changing a student's progress Allows a student to skip challenges; they will not be automatically presented with the opportunity to attempt them. 

Done individually on a student-by-student basis.

Recommended use case: When 1 or 2 individuals in the class demonstrate subject matter expertise or prowess and the teacher believes they can move further in the lesson than the rest of the class.

Students may choose to attempt the challenges the program is set to skip by manually clicking on the challenge number in the top navigation bar. If students decide to attempt them, they are not required to complete them correctly before moving on to the next challenge.

On the Student Analytics dashboard, a challenge that was skipped because an educator changed the student's progress shows as Skipped

Unlocking a challenge  Allows a student to skip challenges without attempting them or before getting them correct. Although students are presented with each challenge, at any point, students can click on the next challenge number in the top navigation bar to move to the next challenge.

Done simultaneously  for all students in the class at the lesson level (all challenges within a lesson) or on a challenge-by-challenge basis.

Recommended use case
Use this feature when you want to allow your whole class to skip challenges, not just a few students. Unlocking challenges allows for more student autonomy and choice than the Change Progress option. 

On the Student Analytics dashboard, an unlocked challenge shows as Not attempted if the student chose to skip it, Incorrect if the student moved to a new challenge before correctly solving this one, or Correct if the student successfully solved this challenge.


To lock/unlock challenges:

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then Student Analytics on the left menu.

  3. Select a class from the Classroom drop-down list..
  4. Click the name of the course containing challenges you wish to unlock.

  5. A column displays for each lesson in the course. By default, the column sub-header underneath each lesson title shows Lesson Locked. Optional: Click Lesson Locked to toggle all the challenges in the lesson to unlocked. This means that students can now skip all the challenges or answer them incorrectly yet still proceed to the next challenge.
  6.  Click the name of the lesson to view each challenge in the lesson. 

    If you did not unlock the entire lesson, on this page you can instead unlock individual challenges.  Alternately, you can change 1 or more challenges back to the locked status if you unlocked the whole lesson but want to require students to complete specific challenges correctly before moving to the next one.
    Click Challenge Unlocked to toggle the challenge back to locked; Click Challenge Locked to toggle the challenge back to unlocked.