Start here: Creating/editing accounts in the Imagine Literacy and MyPath suite


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine Language & Literacy
  • Imagine Español
  • Imagine Reading
  • Imagine Lectura
  • Imagine Galileo K-12
  • Imagine MyPath, Imagine Science Corner, Imagine Purpose

Rostering is often done at the school or district level, and Administrators usually decide which type of rostering your organization will use. The Help Center contains detailed instructions for each type of initial rostering—self-managed, assisted, or automated.


Check with an administrator if you're unsure whether you need to roster your own students or if your students will be rostered for you.

The Help Center contains information on how to make changes after initial rostering is complete. This can include:

  • editing student accounts 
  • changing the language settings in student accounts
  • assigning product access to students
  • adding new staff and student accounts individually for users who join your school or district as the year progresses

These instructions are located in the self-managed rostering sections:

MyPath users also refer to these additional student account resources.


If your school uses a Student Information System (SIS) that syncs regularly with Imagine Learning, all new students should be added to the SIS and their information will be sent to Imagine Learning on the next file, thereby creating their account. You should only add students individually if your school performs self-managed or one-time assisted rostering

The same is true for many types of account edits—the changes must be made in the SIS and this will carry over to the Imagine Learning products via file synchronization. In fact, for SIS customers, certain fields will be locked from editing within the Imagine Learning products. 

Fields without a lock may be updated within the program at any time.