Assigning an Imagine Math 3+ Summer Bridge Pathway

Administrators and Educators are encouraged to assign the Imagine Math Summer Bridge Pathway to all their students over the summer—whether their students are using Imagine Math Grade 3+ at home or enrolled in summer school. Summer Bridge Pathways are aligned with Common Core and state standards and review key math skills for students' current grade level.

To assign a Summer Bridge Pathway

  1. Log in to the Imagine Math suite.
  2. Click Management > Classrooms from the navigation pane.


  3. Click Current Students in the class where you want to assign a Summer Bridge Pathway to students.


  4. Click the box next to the student names that you want to assign a pathway to, then click Assign Pathway. You can select individual students or an entire class.


  5. Choose the grade level that your selected students will enter after the summer.


  6. Choose a pathway from the Pathway Type drop-down list.  


  7. Click the radio button for the Summer Pathway


  8. Click Enroll.


    You'll receive this confirmation message after you've successfully enrolled your students.



After you have assigned students to a Summer Pathway, they will have 2 options the next time they log in: they can work on the Pathway for their current grade level or they can work on the Summer Pathway. Imagine Math recommends that students finish the Pathway for their current grade level before they start the Summer Pathway.