Using the Unit Overview page in Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura


Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura are being retired on September 1, 2024. Learn more at Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura end-of-life recommendations.

Each unit in Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura includes an Overview that helps Administrators and Teachers navigate through different parts of the unit, view class progress on individual passages, and see when there are written responses that need to be graded.

To access the Unit Overview:

  1. Log in to Imagine Reading or Imagine Lectura.
  2. If you have more than one group, select a group.
  3. Click Unit Library at the top of the page.
  4. Click into a unit.
  5. The unit opens on the Unit Overview page.
  6. Click an Ungraded Responses notification to be taken to the grading for that passage.


    If the passage does not have any ungraded responses, no yellow notification displays.

  7. Click a Class Progress bar to view which students have not started the passage (the light gray portion of the bar), which students are in progress (dark gray), and which students have already completed it (blue). 

    The names display along with a count for each status.

The sections on the page are further described in the table below.

Section Description
IR_heading_focques.png The Heading shows the unit title and the Focus Question.

The Step 1: Focus Question section shows how long the Focus Question video is (in minutes and seconds), the Class Progress bar, and the number of Ungraded Responses (if applicable).

Click the thumbnail to jump to the Focus Question video.


The Step 2: Deep Reading Cycle section shows the passages in the Deep Reading Cycle, along with the Lexile Level and Word Count for each passage.

This section also shows the Class Progress bar and, if applicable, the count of Ungraded Responses.

Click the thumbnail to jump to the reading passage.


The Step 3: Synthesis Project section lists helpful documents for you to use when you assign the Synthesis Project to your students. Click the Download link to view or print each resource from the browser.


The left navigation bar allows you to jump from one lesson component to another by using the arrows to expand and contract the passages.