Using the Unit Overview in Imagine Reading

Each unit in Imagine Reading includes an Overview that helps Administrators and Teachers navigate through different parts of the unit, view class progress on individual passages or poetry studies in the unit, and see when there are written responses for a passage or poetry study that need to be graded.


Section Description
IR_heading_focques.png The Heading shows the unit title and the Focus Question.
IR_step1focques.png Step 1: Focus Question section shows how long the Focus Question video is (in minutes), the overall class progress defined by the percentage of students who have watched the video and completed the question, and the number of ungraded written responses. Click the thumbnail to jump to the Focus Question.



Step 2: Deep Reading Cycle section shows the passages or poetry studies in the Deep Reading Cycle, along with a Lexile level and word count for each passage or poetry study. Click the thumbnail to jump to a specific passage or poetry study.

It also shows the class progress for that passage or poetry study and any ungraded responses that the Teacher should grade. Click the Class Progress bar to see which students have not started, are completing, or have completed this passage or poetry study. Click Ungraded Responses to go to the Grading section to review any ungraded responses.


Step 3: Synthesis Project section lists helpful documents for Teachers to use when they assign the Synthesis Project to their students. Click the link to view or print each resource from the browser.

Click Discussion Questions to view a printable copy of the Discussion Questions for all passages or poetry studies in the unit to use for the Synthesis Discussion.

Click the Synthesis Discussion & Project Protocol to view a printable resource for Teachers that explains the pedagogy and research behind the Synthesis Project, and how to help students bring everything they've learned about the unit into the Synthesis Project.

Click the Student Synthesis Discussion & Project Checklist to view a printable checklist that walks students through the steps of the Synthesis Project.