Introducing students to Imagine Lectura

Imagine Lectura is divided into different reading units with videos and reading passages in each unit. The focus question for each unit helps students see the big idea that ties all the reading passages together. In each reading passage, students can use reading aids such as captions and sidebar notes to help them get the most out of their reading experience.

As students read passages, they answer questions about what they're reading and receive feedback from Imagine Lectura or their teacher about their answers. In between reading passages, Educators lead students in a Power Sentence Lesson that helps them learn new words and their meaning. Lead the Dictado Lesson. Dictado is a culturally relevant teaching strategy, comprised of mini-lessons and dictado sentences commonly used in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The dictado sentences are currently paired with an Imagine Lectura passage. At the end of each unit, students work on a creative group project that shows what they've learned about the focus question.


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