Using the Passage Overview in Imagine Lectura

Each passage in the Deep Reading Cycle includes an Overview that helps Administrators and Teachers choose the right units for their class, launch the Power Sentence Lesson Plan for that passage, monitor student progress on passage questions, and view which written student responses need to be graded.


Section Description
lexileWordCountLectura.png The Heading shows the Lexile score and word count for the passage to help Teachers choose the right units for their students
previewPassageButton.png Click Preview Passage to preview the passage and video. 
powerSentenceOverviewLectura.png The Power Sentence Lesson section launches the Power Sentence Lesson Plan that accompanies the passage. Click View Lesson to view the Power Sentence Lesson Plan. Click Power Sentence Lesson Plan to view a printable copy of the Power Sentence Lesson Plan.
discussionQuestionsLectura.png The Discussion Questions section displays example discussion questions for Teachers to use when facilitating class discussions about this passage. Click Discussion Questions to view or print the discussion questions for all passages in the unit.

The Class Progress section identifies how many students have completed the passage questions, are completing the passage questions, or have not started answering the passage questions.

Click the Information Button (ibuttonDashboardLectura.png) to view the students in each status.

writingQuestionsLectura.png The Writing Questions section shows Teachers and Administrators the graded, ungraded, and unanswered student written responses for each passage. Click the Go to Grading button to grade written student responses.

The Scores section shows both raw and corresponding percentage scores on passage questions for each student.


Student scores include both graded and ungraded questions. Ungraded questions are considered a "0" until they are graded.