Grading written student responses in Imagine Lectura

As students read passages in Imagine Lectura, they complete a variety of in-text comprehension questions. Imagine Lectura automatically grades any closed item responses such as multiple-choice questions. Any open-ended, written responses are collected for Educators to review and grade independently. The Teacher Dashboard shows the number of ungraded student responses for each article. You can also grade any ungraded student responses from within the unit itself.


Student scores include both graded and ungraded responses. Ungraded responses are considered a "0" until they are graded. 

Grading from the Dashboard Grading from the Unit

To grade written student responses from the Teacher Dashboard

  1. Click the article name to go to the Grading section for each article.


  2. Choose the group from the Group drop-down list. You can choose to review responses from a specific student or choose All students to view responses for the entire group. 


  3. Click the arrows to scroll through written student responses. Click Show Rubric for guidance on how to grade each written response. 


  4. Click the number of points that you want to award to the student for their answer. You can award 0-3 points for student responses, depending on the question type.