Deleting student test scores

Administrators have the ability to delete a student's test score. However, once a student's score has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. To remove scores, users require write access to the test's library. Typically, this level of access is only granted to District Administrators, who have the authority to approve deletions. School Administrators and Imagine Learning Product Support agents do not have the ability to perform deletion requests.

To delete a score:

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Choose Assessment > Test Scoring > Score Tests.


  3. Select the appropriate School, Class, Library, Test, and Student.


  4. Select Show scores only or Show test items with scores.
  5. Click Delete Scores. Once a score is deleted, it cannot be restored.


  6. Click Save Scores.
  7. The student's updated test score appears. When a test score is no longer available, Test has not been scored displays.


    If a student's score is missing they may have a duplicate account.