Assignment Builder drafts

The Assignment Builder Drafts feature allows teachers to save their incomplete assignments as drafts, which can be accessed later without losing any progress made. Teachers can conveniently store their unfinished assignments with the Drafts option, and return to it later to finalize and assign it to their students. This allows teachers to add and refine lessons as needed, without having to assign them to students immediately.

The Assignment Builder screen separates the content into two categories: items that have been assigned to students, found in the Assigned view, and items that are yet to be assigned, located in the Drafts view.   

The Drafts view enables educators to use the subjects dropdown menu to filter drafts by subject or search for a draft by title in the search box. The Lessons column contains the number of lessons in the draft. Select more options ( more_options_upd.png ) to the right of the draft row to either update or delete the draft. Click the lesson title to return to the Lesson Explorer. If there are no drafts for the selected subject, access the lesson explorer to start creating an assignment.


To create drafts:

  1. Click Assignment Builder.
  2. Select a Subject and Enrolled Grade, then click Access Lesson Explorer.
  3. Use the filters and search bar to find lessons.
  4. Select lessons to assign, then click Assign Items


    You can click a lesson to open the Lesson Details page to preview lesson activities and download lesson resources.


  5. Choose Create New Assignment or Add to Existing Draft, which displays if you already have drafts saved.



Create New Assignment Add to Existing Draft
  1. Click Create New Assignment, enter a name for the assignment, then click Continue to view the assignment editor.
  2. Click Save as Draft, then Yes on the confirmation to save the assignment and modify it at a later time. Alternately, click Assign to immediately assign the lessons to students.

    You can grab and drag the lessons to edit the order in which students receive them. 


  3. To modify a draft, access the Drafts view and click the title of the draft to return to the Lesson Explorer and continue where you previously ended. 

Continue with applying assignments to students. When a draft is assigned it is removed from the drafts list.