Editing an educator's account

Editing an educator's account may involve updating the name, changing login details, or resetting the password.  

To edit an educator account:

Log in to the Imagine MyPath suite.

School Admins (One School) School Admins (2+ Schools), District Admins

Choose Users on the left navigation.

Continue with the following: 

  1. Choose Educators in the upper navigation. 
  2. Click the name of the applicable educator.  
  3. Edit the Educator Profile or Educator Details.


    Access the Educator Profile to edit the password.

    editing educ acctHL.png

  4. Click Save after modifying the account. 


    Educators can reset their password from the Educators tab of the Imagine MyPath suite portal. You can also initiate resetting an educator's password from the educator's Settings screen, by clicking Reset Password via Email. The user will receive an email with instructions for resetting their password. 

    editing an educator account_save profHL.png