Using NWEA™ with Imagine Language & Literacy


This article applies to students taking the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment, not the embedded Imagine Language & Literacy Benchmark or the Imagine Galileo K-12 ELA Benchmark. If you aren't sure which assessment provider your school is using, read Checking which assessment option your organization is using.

When your organization has selected the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment as their assessment provider with Imagine Learning, IL&L places your students in their correct starting point in the program's learning path by mapping the NWEA scores to the applicable IL&L instructional content. IL&L uses the student's most recent scores on the Reading assessment (as far back as last semester quantified as 6 months) to automatically determine the student's placement in their learning sequence. 


Upon logging in to IL&L after taking the MAP assessment, students who had difficulty demonstrating mastery (as indicated by the NWEA domain scores) will be given a mini-diagnostic to further tweak their "just-right" starting point in the curriculum. If the student is in the middle of a lesson, the mini-diagnostic is delivered after the student completes their current lesson.

Upon initial login to IL&L, if students have not taken the MAP Growth Assessment within the last 6 months, students take the Embedded Benchmark and are placed in the starting point of their IL&L learning sequence based on their Benchmark score. Later, once students finish the MAP Growth Assessment and Imagine Learning receives the scores from NWEA (within 1 to 2 business days), student pathways are adjusted as necessary.

When Imagine Learning receives new NWEA scores throughout the year, students' placement is reevaluated. If a student moves to a different classification (such as moving from on-grade level to below, or from below-grade level to on), their learning path is adjusted to move them forward or backward in content in the Literacy strand only. (The Grammar and Oral Vocabulary strands are not affected). Students who move backward in the content are not prompted to repeat lessons that they have already completed, as only content that students previously skipped will now be delivered.


Although NWEA MAP Growth Assessment scores do not display directly in the IL&L dashboard, you can access MAP Growth Fall, MAP Growth Winter, and MAP Growth Spring scores by running the Cumulative Performance report within IL&L. However, logging in to the NWEA portal provides additional details.

To access students' complete NWEA MAP Growth Assessment data:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy.
  2. Click the Go to NWEA button in the Growth section of your dashboard. 


    • When viewing the dashboard at the district level (District Administrators only), the Go to NWEA button is always present.
    • When viewing the dashboard at the school level (District Administrators and School Administrators only), the Go to NWEA button is always present.
    • When viewing the dashboard at the group level (District Administrators, School Administrators, or Teachers), if NWEA is the assessment provider for at least one student in the group you are viewing, the Growth section of your IL&L dashboard redirects you to NWEA. If your group is composed only of students using the IL&L embedded assessment, the Growth section displays the embedded Benchmark data instead.
  3. The system will take you to the NWEA login screen. Use your NWEA login credentials, which may be different from your Imagine Language & Literacy credentials. 


You must be an NWEA Curriculum Administrator to access the NWEA District Dashboard. If you need assistance from NWEA, contact them by phone at 866-654-3246 or through their website.