What do Invalidate and Unassign mean on the Benchmark Roster?

Imagine Math understands that unpredictable things can occur in your schools and classrooms.  Sometimes a student may get sick, you may have technical issues at school, etc.  With this in mind, Imagine Math has options to help facilitate the Benchmark Testing process.

Both Unassign & Invalidate options are available.  

1. Unassign: This option is available for Educators to remove the Benchmark Test from a student's account before it's been started.  Any student with "Not Started" status will have this option shown on the Benchmark Roster.  Please see article to Unassign Benchmark Test.

2. Invalidate: While we discourage the invalidation of the Benchmark Test, this option is available for Educators to invalidate the benchmark test up to 96 hours after the test has been completed.  Any student with "Started" or "Completed" statuses can have their test invalidated within 96 hours of completion.  Please see article to Invalidate Benchmark Test.