Third-Party Service Providers

The safety and security of your information is critical to us. We use a few third-parties to provide the best experience to you and to help our platform scale to meet usage demands . These companies will only have access to the information they need to support Imagine Math, and we expect them to treat any of your personal information that they have access to with the same standards we hold ourselves.

Here is a list of the service providers we work with and a summary of how they help. Each company or product name is linked to its Privacy Policy.


  • AWS - Provides server and database hosting services and improves our platform response times through content caching and delivery
  • Bugsnag - Reports platform errors encountered by our clients so they can be tracked down and fixed by our engineering team
  • Papertrail - Centralized our log files, so we can investigate errors or problems with using the platform
  • Mandrill - Helps us deliver automated reports to our educators
  • Google Analytics - provides aggregated, non-identifying usage metrics
  • Zendesk - An online helpdesk platform that allows us to provide exceptional customer service
  • New Relic - Provides uptime and system health monitoring
  • Skylight - Allows us to identify poorly-performing parts of our application so we can optimize them
  • Scalr - Provides an automation framework that allows us to scale our server capacity to meet usage needs
  • Openredis - provides a hosted caching environment that allows us to dramatically increase system performance