Create New Students in Math (Step-by-Step)

1. Click Management

2. Select Classrooms


3. Click Add Students under the class you'd like to add the student to


4.  Click Get Started under "Go Step-by-Step"

5.  Click Add New Students

6. Choose to Create My Own or Keep Defaults for Usernames and Passwords

7.  Choose to Set Demographic Info or Not Now (skip)

i. This allows you to mark if the student is in an IEP or if the student is an ELL.

  • If the student is an ELL, you have the option to change their support language to Spanish. In Grade 3+ this will allow the student to access Spanish audio throughout the program. For grades PK-2, this will translate the entire program into Spanish for the student. 

8.  Make sure the student account information is correct, click Confirm Changes

(Note: Once the student has been successfully added, you will can View All Students to locate the student username and password. Or you can Print Start Cards!)