Screen Readers, Section 508, and ADA Compliance

As part of our development cycle Imagin Math uses the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2 to guide our platform support for assistive technologies for students and educators with disabilities. As a browser-based application Imagine Math relies on accessibility supports build in to the Web browser and to the operating system on which the device is accessed. Some examples of our support for these guidelines include:

  • Imagine Math supports alternate descriptions for image- based assets. As a matter of policy Imagine Math implements ALT tags for all application imagery.
  • Imagine Math uses semantic HTML to ensure content is navigable without a style sheet or with text-only browsers such as screen readers. Elements include functional text descriptions to identify themselves.
  • Imagine Math does not interfere with core browser and operating system assistive supports such as zoom/magnification and text-to-speech functions.
  • Imagine Math provides synchronized text and audio fallbackfor animation elements used.
  • Imagine Math does not override browser specifications for style sheets, and does not rely on color alone to make any selections in the application.
  • Imagine Math does not require any browser plugins for math functionality - all content is rendered directly through a web browser. Likewise Imagine Math does not require students to download an App for use on tablet devices, which might interfere with platform and operating system assistive supports.
  • Imagine Math designs its interface navigation elements and all of the images used as content specifically to avoid legibility issues for educators and students who are color blind.

With respect to testing, we unfortunately are not able to validate Imagine Math for specific screen readers due to the variety of products on the market. Imagine Math is audited annually for compliance with the WCAG v2 Level AA guidelines, so if your screen reader meets that standard you should be able to use Imagine Math's core student interface. However some math content such as drag and drop items, and Imagine Math's avatar builder, may be difficult to use by visually-impaired learners due to the nature of their interactions.