Adding teachers manually in Imagine Robotify

After the initial rostering process is completed, District and School Administrators can add Teachers to a school manually throughout the year by following the steps below. You can add teachers to every classroom at the school, or you can just add them to the school itself and have teachers create their own classrooms.

To add teachers in Imagine Robotify:

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then Admin on the left menu.

  3. If you have more than 1 school, select a school in the Choose A School field. Screens may differ depending if you are a District or School Administrator.
  4. Follow the instructions in the tab that matches your use case.
Add Teacher to Every Classroom in the School Add Teacher at School Level Only (Teachers create their own classrooms)
  1. Click Add Teacher to All Classrooms.
  2. Click Copy Code.
  3. Paste the code into an email or other document that teachers can access.
  4. Have teachers follow the instructions in Teacher signup via invite code in Imagine Robotify.