Adding Teachers in Imagine Robotify

After the initial rostering process is completed, District and School Administrators can add Teachers to a school manually throughout the year by following the steps below. Teachers are added at the school level and can then create their own classrooms.


Unlike the Adding Teachers via Site Code process, the process below does not require teachers to enter a Join Code or to be assigned to a specific classroom upon account creation.

To add teachers in Imagine Robotify:

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then Admin on the left menu.


  3. Select a school and click Add Teacher(s). Screens may differ depending if you are a District or School Administrator.


  4. Click Manually Add to type in teachers' information row-by-row or Upload File to Add if you prefer to upload multiple teachers via a .CSV or .TXT file.


  5. Follow the additional steps here for the option you selected.
    Option Steps

    Manually Add (Use case: Adding teachers one-by-one):mceclip0.png

    1. Click Manually Add.
    2. Enter the first teacher's first name, last name, username, and password.
    3. As applicable, click Add Teacher to get a new row for an additional teacher.
    4. Once you've entered all teachers, click Create accounts & Assign.
    5. If an error occurs while adding teachers, they are not created and an error displays below the row with the issue.

    File Upload (Use Case: Adding teachers in bulk):



    1. Prepare your CSV file with columns for first_name, last_name, username, and password. Or, if using a .TXT file, separate the fields with commas: 
    2. When your file is ready, use the Browse button to locate and select your file, or drag and drop the file into the upload window. 

    3. Click Upload.

    4. You'll receive a confirmation message when teachers have been added, or an error message if the file could not be read.

  6. Let the teachers know their usernames and passwords; an automated email will not be sent.