Accessing the noncourse-specific Imagine Robotify Educator Resources

In addition to materials specific to each course, the Educator Resources section of Imagine Robotify contains many other resources to enhance your students' knowledge of computer science. These include Project and Compete resources, state alignments, and printables.

To access the noncourse-specific Educator Resources: 

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then Educator Resources on the left menu.

    At the top of the page, a section for each course displays.
  3. Underneath the course resources are other types of resources; click the applicable drop-down arrow to access them.
     The table below describes what you'll find in each section.
    Section Description
    Unplugged Lessons

    Unplugged content provides Learn lessons and Create workshops in non-programming Computer Science areas such as Impacts of Technology, Computer Systems, Troubleshooting, and others. This content does not require a device, and helps students engage with Computer Science in the broader contexts of their daily lives and society as a whole.

    Project Resources

    Project resources contain similar resources to the course resources (slides, worksheets, etc.) and are meant to be used after a course is complete but before engaging in a competition. For example, your class may complete Axel's Mars Adventure Part 1, then complete the Byte Catch project, and then the Byte Catch Competition.

    You should plan on approximately 8 hours to complete each project.

    State Alignments

    The CSTA alignment and the state-by-state alignments, by grade levels 3-8, show the correlation between Imagine Robotify lessons and the standards. The first half of each state alignment lists the state standard followed by the courses that align to it. The second half reverses the correlation—each Imagine Robotify lesson is followed by a list of the standards each lesson supports. 


    Coloring pages, decorative and informative classroom posters, growth progression posters, student achievement certificates, stickers, and more.

    Compete and Alternative Assessment Resources

    Guidance for teachers on how to implement competitions and other forms of alternative assessment. Also includes journaling templates for students to keep track of the iterative design process and rubrics for educators to evaluate student work. A Project Presentation template guides students through sharing their work with others.