Viewing a student's progress and assigned learning path lessons


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine MyPath
  • Imagine Purpose
  • Imagine Science Corner

The Student Progress report provides a clear overview of a student's learning history and enables Educators to view a student's learning path progress and monitor usage for the week and school year. To gain insight into the creation and adaptation of learning paths, you can view adaptivity

The report helps with identifying students who need additional help and individual teaching, including the lessons or skills in which students struggle. This additional knowledge facilitates small-group intervention.

Information provided by the Student Progress Report:

  • Total number of lessons in a student's learning path, and the total number of completed lessons 
  • Upcoming lessons in chronological order
  • Placement grade updates
  • Scores on each completed lesson
  • Completed lesson status: Passed or Not Passed
  • Time spent on a lesson
  • Date of last student activity in a lesson
  • Lesson Domain
  • Number of lessons completed by week
  • Total active time for the week and school year
  • Measurement of student progress in their learning path

Educators can perform the following actions:

  • Reassign lessons
  • Select a different student
  • Select a different subject
  • Search for Lessons
  • Mark lessons Passed or Not Passed

The Student Progress report can be accessed by selecting a student from the Class Summary.


The student must have a learning path in the selected subject on the Class Summary page.

To access a student's progress report and view their Learning Path: 

Log in to the Imagine MyPath suite.

Teachers School Admins (One School) School Admins (2+ Schools), District Admins

Select the applicable class from the Classes screen. 
teacher class_left navHL.png

Continue with the following:

Click a student's name to view their report.


Name Description


Filters by student name. 


Filters by subject.


Exports report to CSV or PDF file; observes filters, searched items, and sorted orders.


Active Time (Weekly) is the amount of time the student spent on their learning path for the week. A week begins on Monday and ends Sunday.


The number of Lessons Completed this week.


The Learning Path Progress displays student progression in their learning path by percentage, including the number of completed and remaining lessons.


Total Active Time (School Year) displays the total time a student spent on lessons during the year (calculated by student activity).  


Student Progress Report Views


When the student's placement grade changes, the new placement grade, the teacher or source of the change, and the date of the update display. Other actions taken indicate a timer ( marked as passed overflow icon.png ). Hover the mouse over the icon to view the actions and who performed them. 


Current and Complete Upcoming

This report enables teachers to view individual lessons that are assigned to each student and how they've performed in each, including helping to identify the lessons in which students are struggling.  


Name Description
Search Lesson field

Locate lessons. 


Lessons in a student's learning path. Click the lesson title for more information about the lesson. 

  • Overview - a short description of what the lesson entails;

    SPA (SPA lesson completed in Spanish.png) means the lesson was completed in Spanish

  • Domain - the domain of the lesson
  • Standards code - the standards code
  • Worksheets - access educator and student worksheets, and available guided notes  
  • Lesson Activity - displays the score, active time, and last modified date

The lesson domain. Click the dropdown list to filter by domain and view full domain names.


The lesson grade level. Click the dropdown list to filter by grade level.


Displays lesson status of Passed, Not Passed, or In-progress.


Student scores for a lesson. Use the column header up/down ( sort_arrows.png ) arrows to sort data in the column.

Active Time

The total time the student spent on the lesson.

Last Modified

The last time a student was active in a lesson.


Allows Educators to mark lessons as passed ( marked_as_passed.png ); or not passed ( marked_not_passed.png ). The Status column displays the selected indicator.

Marking a lesson as passed results in a score of 100%.

Marking a lesson not passed results in a score of 0%.

Reassign Lesson

Reassign lessons ( reassign_lesson.png ).

Current and Complete Lesson View:



Reassigned lessons are displayed, showing the educator who reassigned them, and the date of the reassignment. The lesson appears in Upcoming lessons until time for the student to begin the lesson.